Monday, October 29, 2012

Hi, my name is Cassie Holloway, and like many other people in the world, I am in love with Paris, France. I have been there twice. Once each summer for the past two summers, and for two weeks long. Each time I went I never wanted to leave because I was just so entranced by this culture. I mean don't you agree? If you have ever been there, you MUST feel the same. And, if you haven't been there, you probably have some desire to visit this enchanted city. Everything about this city is beautiful; the art, the people, the fashion, the language, the culture, the architecture, and the history. I have been there for a total time of a month and I still feel like I could learn much more about the city.

I am only 20 years old, so I feel extremely blessed to have been there not once, but TWICE in my lifetime. Having this opportunity has only made me dream about the possibilities and capabilities of this world as a whole. So, how was I able to do this? My Aunt and her husband moved to Paris for a time of two years for his job. Basically, I had a free place to stay, so all I needed to pay for was the air fair and spending money. I stayed in the living room of their quaint flat, traveled everyday as a tourist, and came back at night to a place I could actually call home.

 At night I would pretend that I was a local, because I wasn't staying in a hostel or hotel like a tourist. I was commuting to the city everyday from a HOME. I even tried to dress Parisian. Anything I could do to blend into the culture I would do because I simply wanted to be like the French. I took everything in. I literally tried to live and breath like a French person, so that I could take their qualities and traits home with me. They were not just people I observed from a distance to admire their lifestyle, they were MY people. I felt like I belonged to Paris, and I still do.

 Seeing Paris and being immersed in the culture has inspired me to be a better person with a broader outlook on life, and all the people living in it. This first blog post is just a brief overview of myself and what is to come. I want to take you on a journey through my experiences of Paris, what I have learned, and what I crave to do more of in the city of love. Welcome to my obsession.

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